Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút

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I. Choose the correct answer below.

  1. How does adding salt to boiling water affect it?
  1. Speeds up the process of boiling water.
  2. It delays the process of water boiling.
  3. Softens the water.
  4. Stops the water from boiling at all.

2. Which of these cutting boards is the most sanitary?

  1.  Wood
  2. Bamboo
  3. Plastic
  4. All three are the same.
    3. What is meant by blanching a vegetable?

A. Covering it lightly in butter.
B. Soaking it in cold water.
C. Scalding or dipping it firstly in boiling water prior to freezing or putting it in cold water.
D. Massaging it with salt before cooking.
4. The sauce you are using has become too watery, what is the best way to thicken it?

  1.  Add Flour or Corn-starch.
  2.  Put it in the freezer.
  3. Add Sauce.
  4. Add butter and olive oil.
    5. Which oil is the healthiest to cook with?

A. Coconut
B. Olive
C. Mushroom

6. What type of vegetable is a Mesclun?

  1.  Pumpkin
  2. Root
  3. Green Salad
  4. Spicey type

7. How can you determine if an egg is fresh?

  1.  If it sinks to the bottom in a bowl of water and lays flat on its side.
  2. If it floats to the surface in a bowl full of water.
  3. Shake it to see if it rattles.
  4. If it feels warm when you handle it.

8. What does it mean to ‘braise’?

  1.  Microwaving
  2. Baking
  3. Cooking food in a small amount of liquid in a closed container.
  4. Roasting

9. For a chicken to be safe to east, what internal temperature should it be cooked at?

  1.  300 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. 180 degrees Fahrenheit
  3. 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. 290 degrees Fahrenheit
    10. What type of cooking is referred to as a “wet heat” cooking method?

A. Frying
B. Scorching
C. Braising
D. Grilling

11. What does the term “Smoke point” mean?

  1.  When smoke starts to rise from the food being cooked
  2. When smoke in the kitchen sets of the fire alarm.
  3. The point when oil starts to burn and smoke.
  4. When oil starts to boil.
    12. What is baking soda used for in baked goods?

A. To make dough sweeter.
B. To make the dough bake faster.
C. Used as a leavening agent in baked goods.
D. To make the dough look more edible.

13. Which of the following wood is not usually used to smoke food?

  1.  Cypress
  2. Pine
  3. Mahogany
  4. Walnut

14. When chocolate has been tempered, what does it mean?

  1. It has been frozen solid and is not safe to eat.
  2. It has been gift wrapped.
  3. It is only suitable for cooking and not eating.
  4. It is the process that re-establishing the cocoa butters crystals, resulting in much better-quality chocolate that is shiny and ‘snapable’.
    15. Which of the below describes gently heating food in a little oil or butter, with frequent stirring and turning to ensure that it is tender?

A. Grilling
B. Boiling
C. Sweltering
D. Sweating
16. What is the main difference between a conventional and convection oven?

  1.  A conventional oven uses radioactivity.
  2. A convection oven has to be heated by wood.
  3. A conventional oven uses vacuum.
  4. Conventional ovens cook food by surrounding it with hot air, while convection ovens circulate the air.
    17. For best results when smoking foods on an outdoor grill, what types of wood should you NOT use?

A. Hardwoods
B. Okawood
C. Softwoods
D. Chipwood
18. What does the term ‘hand test’ mean in relation to grilling?

  1.  To test the tenderness of the meat being cooked.
  2. Used to check the temperature of a grill.
  3. Used to see how long you can keep your hand by a hot grill.
  4. It’s a test to determine the metal strengths of a grill.
    19. How can you fix a dish that has been over-sweetened?

 A. Add honey and tomatoes.
B.  Add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice or a spoon of apple cider vinegar.
C.  Add more water.
D.  Add olive oil.
20. What does it mean to ‘mince’ meat?

  1. To mash the meat into a paste.
  2. To boil the meat until it melts.
  3. To cut the meat into small pieces.
  4. To slice the meat into thin strips using a knife.

II. Match the names of the famous world landmarks to their countries.

1. Pyramid of Cheops a. Viet Nam
2. Taj Mahal b. Cambodia
3. Dong Van Stone Plateau c. Australia
4. Golden Gate Bridge d. the United Kingdom
5. Great Wall of China e. France
6. Angkor Wat f. Malaysia
7. Petronas Twin Towers g- the United States
8. Great Barrier Reef h. China
9. Eiffel Tower i. Egypt
10. Stonehenge j- India

III. Write a paragraph (150- 300 words) about your favorite food.



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