Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút

Trình độ:    Trung cấp

Hệ đào tạo: Chính quy

Ngành:        Điều dưỡng


Họ và tên thí sinh: …………………………………….SBD: ………………………………………..

(Thí sinh không sử dụng tài liệu; cán bộ coi thi không giải thích gì thêm)


Mã đề: 186

Choose the best answer

 Question 1. They’re expecting us. They would be very disappointed if we …….

A. will not                         B. do not come                        C. did not come                        D. would not come

 Question 2. ____________you go to the dentist?

A. How are                    B. How often do                       C. How often are                        D. How often does

 Question 3. How long_______________ you_____________ for me?-For an hour.

A. have-wait                 B. have-waited                         C. do-wait                                   D. did-waited

 Question 4. I___________in the room now.

A. am                           B. am being                              C. was being                              D. have been being

 Question 5. If you_________English well, you will communicate with foreigners.

A. speak                     B. spoke                                 C. had spoken                     D. speaks

 Question 6. Jack__________the door.

A. painting               B. will have painted                     C. has just painted                      D. paint

 Question 7. How often______________ you______________ sports? -Twice a week.

A. do-play                                B. did-play                         C. have-waited                       D. did-played

 Question 8. If I were Quynh, I_____this job.

A. would accepted                       B. would accept                     C. accept                                 D. will accept

 Question 9. The little girl asked what __________to her friend.

A. had happened               B. has happened          C. would have been happened                    D. happened

 Question 10. I come from Canada. Where ……..you ……..from?

A. did/ come           B.  are/ coming       C. have/ come                D.  do/come

 Question 11. If I had free time, I __________some shopping with you.

A. would do           B. have done              C. will do                   D. did

 Question 12. I and Chien____________ friends since I____________ Singapore.

A. have been/ visited               B. were/ visited             C. are/ visit                  D. were/ have visited

 Question 13. “Those eggs of different colors are very artistic”.    – “Yes, they_____ in Russia”.

A. were paint                          B. painted                  C. were painted                 D. were painting

 Question 14. Since the worldwide recession of the 1990’s, the sail of jeans __________ growing.

A. was stopped                   B. has stopped                       C. was stopping                              D. stopped

 Question 15. The earth……… round the sun.

A. go                          B. goes                      C. went              D. has gone

 Question 16. My friend_____________ to the museum last weekend.

A. had gone                B. went                      C. goes                                    D. have gone

 Question 17. Yesterday, when he ____ the street, he ____ a stray cat.

A. is crossing/sees            B. was crossing/was seeing         C. crosses/sees             D. was crossing/saw

 Question 18. “Homer is in jail for smoking marijuana”.

“He_____ that it was against the law”.

A. old                            B. tells                       C. is telling                         D. was told

 Question 19. Will you be angry if I______ your pocket dictionary?

A. steal                         B. were to steal                          C. have been stolen                        D. stole

 Question 20. Bạn có đau khi tôi ấn vào đây không?

A. Is it hurt when I press here?                       B. Does it hurt when I will press here?

C. Does it hurt when I press here?                 D.Do it hurt when I press here?

 Question 21. The kids_____________ that show before.

A. don’t see                          B. aren’t seeing           C. didn’t see             D. haven’t seen

 Question 22. Would you like_____________ and visit my country?

A. to come                          B. coming                  C. came                                   D. come

 Question 23.  If he__________the truth, the police wouldn’t arrest him.

A. told                                B. tells                       C. would tell                            D. telled                                               Question 24. We___________ English since we __________ 8 years old.

A. didn’t studied/ were        B.  have studied/ were          C. have studied/ was                 D. don’t have/are

 Question 25. The children enjoy______________ with their friends through computers.

  1. to chat B. chatted                  C. chat D. chatting

      Question 26. “Diana is a wonderful ballet dancer”.

“She_____ since she was four”.

  1. was danced B. is dancing              C. has been danced                                D. has been dancing

 Question 27. If I meet him tomorrow, I ___________ him this letter.

  1. give B. will give                C. would give                                    D. gave

 Question 28. She always ___ up at 8 o’clock in the morning.

  1. gets B. gotten                    C. got  D. get

 Question 29. Our Singaporean friends_______________ to visit our school last year.

  1. come B. have come             C.came       D. is coming

 Question 30. The sun……….in the East.

  1. rose B. has risen                C. rises                                    D. is rising

 Question 31. When ……………_Susan?

  1. would you see B. you saw                 C. did you see       D. have you been seeing

 Question 32. If someone ……. in here with a gun, I’d be very frightened.

  1. walked B. will walk               C. would walk       D. walks

     Question 33. It’s good that Ann reminded me about Tom’s birthday, I ……. if she hadn’t reminded me.

  1. would have forgotten B. will forget          C. had forgotten                                 D. would forget

 Question 34. If you ______ me mad, we ____ out last night.

  1. hadn’t make/would have gone B. didn’t make/went
  2. didn’t made/went D. hadn’t made/would have gone

 Question 35. Jack______________the door.

  1. will have opened B. open                      C. opening                               D. has just opened

 Question 36. The train____________half an hour.

  1. has left B. has been leaving    C. left       D. had left

 Question 37. My sister___________for you since yesterday.

  1. was looking B. looked                   C. is looking                               D. has been looking

 Question 38. I____________to New York three times this year.

  1. had been B. have been              C. was D. were

 Question 39. John ___________a book when I saw him.

  1. was reading B. reading                  C. is reading                               D. read

 Question 40. He said he___________return later.

  1. will B. would                    C. would be   D. can

 Question 41. When I last saw him, he…………in London.

  1. is living B. was living              C. has lived                                   D. has been living

 Question 42. I will come and see you before I___________for America.

  1. shall leave B. have left                C. leave                                   D. will leave

 Question 43. We ______ tolerate this kind of rule violation in the future.

  1. did not B. will                       C. will not  D. would

 Question 44. If he had known her telephone number, he________her.

  1. rang B. will ring                C. would have rung                                                                     D. had rung

     Question 45. Ann gave me this ring. She ……. terribly upset if I lost it.

  1. would have been B. would be               C. will be   D. is

 Question 46. The children______________ their parents for a long time.

  1. don’t see B. haven’t see             C. haven’t seen                                    D. didn’t see

 Question 47. When I last……….Jane, she……….to find a job.

  1. saw, was trying B. see, was trying       C. have seen, tried                                    D. saw, tried

      Question 48. I wanted_____ by the head of the company, but it was impossible.

  1. seeing                   B. to be seen              C. being to see D. to see

 Question 49.  I would have visited you if I_________busy with my homework.

  1. weren’t B. wouldn’t be            C. hadn’t                                  D. hadn’t been

 Question 50. My lesson starts _____ five o’clock.

  1. in B. on                         C. for  D. at

 Question 51. She ……..German for two years.

  1. learn B. learns                    C. has learnt                                  D. is learning

 Question 52. Look! The singer is ____ and _____ on the stage now.

  1. sung/danced B. singing/dancing     C. sings/dances                        D. sing/dance

      Question 53. All planes_____ before departure.

  1. will checked B. will been checked  C. will be checked                               D. will has checked

      Question 54. Gold_____ in California in the nineteenth century.

  1. was discover B. they discovered      C. was discovered                           D. has been discovered

 Question 55. We_____________ Malaysia last summer.

  1. are visiting B. have visited           C. visited       D. were visiting

 Question 56. My father usually buys a newspaper ____ the morning.

  1. in B. on                         C. at    D. since

       Question 57. “The maintenance people didn’t remove the chairs from the ballroom”.

“Don’t worry. They _____ them before the dance begins”.

  1. were moved    B. moved           C. will have been moved                                 D. will have moved

 Question 58. I have been waiting for you_____________

  1. since 9 a.m B. since early morning     C. for two hours                                  D. all are correct

 Question 59. I……..along the street when I suddenly heard footsteps behind me.

  1. walk B. walked                  C. am walking                               D. was walking

 Question 60. Chien and Phong______________ close friends for years.

  1. were B. had been                C. are       D. have been




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